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About Electramo
Electramo NV was founded in 1974 and has grown to be a very important electric motor supplier in Europe. We supply high quality electric motors at an interesting price and with the shortest delivery time. We are very well-known for our excellent service.
We have a very wide range of motors. An overview of the most common motors can be found on:
We have a huge stock of IE2 (High Efficiency) and IE3 (Premium Efficiency) motors. From April we also have IE4 motors 2 and 4 pole till 90kW on stock.
We also deliver explosion proof motors (European brand, 2 years warranty, Efficiency class IE2, with PTC on windings, suitable for inverter use,...!). Also possible in IE3!
On our website you can calculate the energy consumption difference between an IE3 and IE2 motor. You’ll see how fast the investment difference pays itself back because of the low consumption. Our Energy Safe Calculator can be found on:
We have a good cooperation with some European suppliers of bigger and/or special motors. What we don’t have in our warehouse still can be delivered within the shortest delay.
To guarantee a perfect finish, we do most of the modifications in our workshop (and with very short delivery term): PTC, PTO, PTF, PT100 (windings & bearings), space heater, internal tropicalisation, epoxy/polyurethane treatment (C3, C4, C5I, C5M), powder coating, Colturiet treatment, forced cooling, aluminium fan, Viton oils seals, 2-component resin filled Terminal box, outgoing cables, VIK execution, execution/documentation for nuclear plants, etc.!
The quality of our motors is guaranteed by our 2 year warranty from date of delivery.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a noncommittal offer!