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IE4 Castiron/ Category options

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Frequency : 60Hz
Other voltages
Class H
Special seals
PTO/PTF ( Thermostat )
PT100 on windings or bearings
Protection : IP56, IP65, IP66, IPW56, IPW65 or IPW66
Tropicalised 100%
Roller bearings
Insulated bearings for frequency drive
Special paint : C3-C4-C5I or C5M
Special color ( RAL or Munsell )
Epoxy & Epoxy with Polyurethane finish
Marine execution
Outgoing cables
Separate terminal box for auxilliaries
Metal cable glands - IP68 cable glands
Heaters ( 230V-1Ph or 110V-1Ph )
Metal fans ( aluminium of cast iron )
Rain canopy for V1 or V5 mounting
Brake ( AC or DC )
Forced cooling ( IC416A ) with axial fan
2nd outgoing shaft at NDE
TENV ( motor without cooling fan - IC410 )
VIK execution
More options on request.